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  1. Aims and Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Ecological Society is a peer-reviewed, open access, international scholarly journal available in online form Our aim is to offer research, analysis and perspectives in ecological conservation and management of natural resources, to scientists and civil society. The journal invites submission of research papers and essays which showcase a variety of perspectives in this domain and invites contributions which an interdisciplinary approach and strong scientific analysis.


The subjects of interest are (but not limited to) ecosystems, nature services, natural resources, land use, environmental economics, arguments for change, recommendations in policies, implications of urbanization and issues arising from man-nature interactions.

The Journal continues to cater to a wide variety of audience ranging from civil society to researchers and practitioners in this field. While in the research papers, essays and short pieces based on opinions and perspectives will .

The journal once a year for which . The online edition of the journal will once in three months. throughout the year. Online edition undergoes the same review process as print edition. Upon acceptance available on the digital edition of the Journal.


2. Structure of the Journal

The Journal accepts the following articles for publication:

  • Research papersThese will be typically up to 6000 words, based on a strong on a subject of interest for the Journal. to a peer review process.

  • Essays, opinion piecesThese are shorter and could be up to 3000 words. We seek essays which analyze, or present a perspective on topics of interest to the journal. to an open-review by the editorial team.

  • Book reviewsA list of books will on the journal website. . The review must not exceed 1500 words and must critically review the book. to an open-review by the editorial team.

  • Notes & communicationShort pieces not exceeding 1500 words on field observations, alumni activities and any other pieces of interest . Could be rapid communication of significant findings in an original research . to experts in respective fields for their recommendations.

Referencing for all the above submissionsPlease use the APA referencing style. Refer to these sites

3. The review and acceptance process
The journal takes an and constructive approach to peer review. Research papers submitted to the journal undergo the double-blind peer review process. Research papers first undergo a ‘desk review’ by the editorial team to its fit and relevance to the journal objectives, use of approach and . Upon successful desk review, for each submission for a review. to either party. The reviewers are independent experts. Based on the reviewer’s comments, the editor will inform the decision of ‘as is acceptance’, ‘rejection’ or acceptance on conditions’ to the author. .

4. Submission checklist


throughout the year in electronic form as a WORD document only. We do not accept PDF formats. Please ensure your submissions meet the following editorial requirements. . The document should have this sequence:


  • Page 1 Title of the papera short title which aptly describes the central theme of the paper.

  • Page 2 Author names with one author designated as the corresponding author. Email, postal address and telephone numbers of all authors. Affiliation of each author to an organization. A short profile of each author (not 50 words each).

  • Page 3: Abstract of not 150 words. Six keywords to represent the subjects) of interest in the article.

    • If applicable, a statement / acknowledgment of agency.

    • Any other acknowledgements.

  • Next pages: The main paper with numbered pages in sequence.

  • Note: All diagrams, tables, figures, photographs should be in their place within the paper.

  • Note Author names will only on Page 2 of the document and may else in the document.


5. Ethical guidelines for authors
The following guidelines apply to all authors of any submission.

  • The journal expects that authors) submit work which does not infringe on the intellectual rights of any other person or organization. Upon acceptance, the authors will provide a signed statement to this effect.

  • It is the responsibility of the authors) to ensure the correctness and accuracy of data in their work.

  • The submission must cite all relevant publications. Information privately must with the permission of that party. The journal will open-source plagiarism checking engines to verify the submission for originality.

  • Authors) must follow national and internationally accepted procedures governing experimentation on humans and animals. Research reported in the paper must be ethical and responsible and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

  • Where applicable, the authors) must provide information about funding of the research.

  • Where figures, diagrams or photographs from copyrighted sources the authors) must written permission from the publisher of the journal, book or website for their work. An appropriate credit line should at the figure or table and in the reference list.

5. Open access publishing

permanently available online to anyone, anywhere with no subscription or access fee being charged. The Ecological Society may also publish a printed copy of the journal for circulation. In both the cases, . The journal is an open access journal all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) definition of open access.
to place their articles on their own institutional or public domain repositories for greater visibility.


Journal Editorial team

Dr. Swati Gole, Editor

Dr. Aparna

Editorial assistance
Ajay Phatak, Ketaki Ghate, Manasi Karandikar, Dr. Gurudas Nulkar


Independent Expert panel

Prof. S.D.Mahajan, Vishwas Sawarkar, Dr. Sanjeev Nalawde, Girish Sovani, Dr. Sharad Lele


Pre-press and Printing

Suhas Sapatnekar

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